Commissioning an artist does not mean inputting money for an image; that is what stock images are for. Commissioning an artist means being provided a service of collaborating with your ideas and the artist’s effort, time, and artistic skills to bring your vision to life.

For only personal request. If you request art commission for your business and organization, please directly contact Brittany Castle. Email:

How to pay? Thru Paypal to



1. I retain all right to reject your commission (you will be refunded)

2. Please take your time to finalize what you’d like — I always prefer a well thought-out idea over a jumbled one.

3. Please understand I have a busy schedule, I will do my best to create your drawing with the highest efficiency and quality as possible

4. I will only begin your drawing once I receive 100% the payment — it will lock your position in the wait-list, secure your image, and will allow me to begin your drawing!

5. I will send a sketch for your approval before I proceed further — this is your chance to request minor edits and suggestions without charge

6. When you are commissioning me, you are purchasing a license to use my artwork under my conditions for non-commercial purposes — this means no selling, marketing, promotion, merchandising, or any other commercial activity. I reserve all rights to revoke your license.

7. I reserve all rights to the image — no plagiarizing, copying, distributing, editing, or profiting off the image. The image be re-used, edited, displayed or re-purposed in any manner as seen fit.

8. If you have a concern, let me know — want progress pictures? due-date? etc., just let me know

9. After work has begun — No refunds

10. If you are flexible with me, I will be flexible with you — I do my best to be considerate on a case-by-case basis; life happens to everyone, let’s make the world a better place knowing that

11. Referrals, donations, credit, and kind words are always appreciated :’)