Brittany Castle is Deaf digital artist. She constantly seeks to improve collaborative opportunities in business, organizations, and education for the Deaf community. Her passion is helping the community by becoming a role model for the deaf. She has volunteered her life towards this goal and works hard to make this dream a reality.
Brittany grew up in California with a Deaf twin sister and her hearing parents. Her grandparents on her father’s side are also Deaf. Brittany has always enjoyed art and one of her proudest moments was graduating from Gallaudet University with a BA degree in Graphic Design and Photography. During her time at Gallaudet University, she had the privilege to intern at the University in the art department and local art companies in the Washington DC area. After graduation, Brittany worked as a freelance Graphic Designer but her passion was to start her own business. Brittany moved to Seattle and started, 58 Creativity LLC.
Brittany’s journey as a graphic design and web developer has seen a few changes over the years. Early on she launched a magazine app that provided articles and videos in ASL. This magazine was the very first Deaf centric magazine, but it wasn’t a successful adventure and decided it was a great learning experience. Brittany has been working on computer digital sketching, where she has a series of artwork “ladies in sign language” Love, Inspire, and Imagine. After a very positive experience at the Seattle Deaf Art Exhibition, she decided to open an Etsy store to sell her artwork in print and stickers. Over the years she continues to draw more art series which shows her deeply rooted Deaf culture and sign language through her passion for art. Brittany’s uses her art to show a visual emotional connection sign language has to offer the world.
Imagination Texas – 2019, Teaching a Workshop
Deaf Women Herstory Month, 2019 – Link
Winner 2nd Runner at Gallaudet University, Washburn Arts Center – 2018
Excellence in Graphic Design – 2012
Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award – 2012

Deaf Rochester Film Festival: Media Art exhibition from March 6 – April 18, 2020
Group Art Exhibition, Deaf Spotlight 2019
Group Art Exhibition, Deaf Spotlight 2018
Deaf Art Exhibition, Gallaudet University, Washburn Arts Center
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